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Episode 1: Independence Day (1996) - Meet The Team and Why Does The Strip Club Stays Open?

Updated: Sep 22

Cowtown Drive In Podcast | William Lee Martin | Lisa Bruce  | Ep. 1 | Independence Day

Welcome to the first episode of Cowtown Drive-In starring William Lee Martin. The Podcast where we talk about Movies, Life and More! This weeks Feature Film Topic is Independence Day (1996)! Martin and his assistant Lisa Bruce discuss what they liked, what they thought was a bit unrealistic and more! Be sure to listen in and make sure to come back for more!

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • The film was going to be titled 'Doomsday' instead, but the rights to that name was being held by a different studio. The writers added the final line of Bill Pullman's speech as an attempt for the studio to go after the title 'Independence Day' instead. The one-liner worked, Pullman stating "Today we celebrate our Independence Day."

  • That same speech Bill Pullman recited was modeled on the famous St. Crispin's Day speech from one of William Shakespeare's Henry V, one of the Bard's most often quoted passages. The filmmakers simply replaced Shakespeare's references to St. Crispin's Day with references to the Fourth of July. According to Emmerich he was comfortable doing so because he "didn't think that Shakespeare was going to sue (him) anytime soon."

  • The role of President Thomas Whitmore was written in mind for Kevin Spacey. Dean Delvin went to school with Spacey and wrote the part for him. However, one of the movie executives didn't see Spacey as a "movie star," so the role went to Bill Pullman instead.

  • The United States Military was going to help the movie by providing expertise, accurate uniforms, vehicles, etc. But, they withdrew when the studio wouldn't cut out mentions of Area 51 in the film.

  • Some of the sets were recycled from other films, including:

  • The submarine early in the film came from Crimson Tide

  • The sheath bomber was the same from Broken Arrow

  • The White House's interior sets were the same ones used in Nixon and The American President

  • Devlin and Emmerich wrote the screenplay in 4 weeks, and the film was shot in 72 days.

  • Ethan Hawke was offered a role, but he never finished reading the script after he reached a line about E.T. He thought the script was so ridiculous that he threw it onto the Texas highway during a road trip he was on at the time. It was likely that his role was meant to be Captain Steven Hiller, otherwise known as Will Smith's leading role.

  • To keep the PG-13 rating on the film, there was a line that had a rather obvious dub-over, Harvey Fierstein's character saying, "forget my lawyer" over the original line "f*ck my lawyer."

  • It broke the record for the shortest amount of time for a film to gross $100 million, doing so in just six days. Previously, the record was held by Jurassic Park with nine days.

  • Steven Spielberg told Emmerich that Independence Day had changed the course of cinema through its combination of genres. It's a part war film, part 1950s sci-fi flick, and part 1970's disaster fil with a little bit of romance and lots of patriotism.

Our Ratings:

William Lee- 5/10

Lisa- 4/10

JT- 5/10

Audie- 4/10

Cowtown Drive-In Average- 4.5/10

Independence Day | Will Smith | Bill Pullman

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