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Episode 10: GoodFellas (1990) - How We Almost Got Arrested At Mexican Inn, and Witness Protection!

Updated: Sep 22

Was Joe Pesci the right pick for Tommy DeVito?

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • The F-Bomb is dropped 296 times during the film, making an average of two times each minute! About half of them are from Joe Pesci’s character Tommy DeVito

  • On his way to set each day, Liotta listened to tapes of FBI wiretaps of the real Henry Hill to help him get into character for the day’s filming

  • Joe Pesci wrote the “Funny how?” scene himself. He’d once seen a similar incident occur between drunk mobsters in Chicago.

  • After Henry is released from prison and “Paulie” (Paul Sorvino warns him off drug-dealing, Sorvino improvised the slap- so Liotta’s surprised reaction is real!

  • Despite the film being known for violence, is has a relatively low body count of 10

  • In test screenings, the film received the worst response in Warner Brothers history, with audience members leaving disgusted by the violence, language, and drugs.. Scorsese said that “the numbers were so low, it was funny.”

  • After the film’s premiere, the real Henry Hill was so proud that he went around boasting that the film was about him, revealing his identity. The FBI had to remove him from the Witness Protection Programme he was placed in.

  • Paul Sorvino nearly quit before filming, saying he thought he’d ruin the film by coming off too soft and not tough enough

  • When Tommy stabs Billy Batts, it’s obvious he’s using a rubber prop knife with a blade that retracts, getting zero blood on his hands of the knife

  • Speaking of Frank Vincent’s character Billy Batts, he’s actually claustrophobic and had to overcome his phobia when having to be shut in the car’s boot.

Our Ratings:

William Lee - 7

Lisa - 7

JT - 7

Cowtown Drive-In Average - 7

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