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  • William Lee Martin

Episode 16: Fighting In the Middle East, Baseball Playoffs, And the Movie: Bruce Willis: RED!

Catch this week's brand new episode of Cowtown Drive-In Podcast where the team discusses the Fighting in the Middle East, Baseball Playoffs, Lisa's Unbelievable Birthday Bash, And The Movie: RED!

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • Dame Helen Mirren had to learn how to shoot a gun without blinking so as to look more like an experienced killer. (Blinking was one of the main reasons why the stars in The Matrix trilogy wore sunglasses to mask their involuntary reactions.)

  • Karl Urban nicked Bruce Willis with the cup he throws at him in their fight scene, because he threw it faster than Willis expected. You can see the slight look of surprise on Willis' face in the scene.

  • John Malkovich read the first forty pages of the script and liked it, but he asked his agent why he was up for the role of Frank. His agent said that he'd been reading the wrong lines. He was up for the role of Marvin instead.

  • Dame Helen Mirren largely signed on because she wanted to work with Bruce Willis.

  • Frank Moses' birth date in the dossier is revealed as March 19, 1955, which is Bruce Willis' real birth date.

  • During filming in Toronto, the Police received several phone calls about gun fire from local residents who mistook the movie's gunshot effects for the real thing.

  • On the accompanying official score album, all twenty cues on the tracklist by composer Christophe Beck are impressively titled to fit the acronym "R.E.D.", just like the title of the movie (e.g. "Rotating Enforcement Device", "Regular Easygoing Dudes", "Rehash Every Detail", et cetera).

  • When Moses enters the storage room at the CIA, there's a calendar on the back of the door - the same calendar can be seen in Die Hard on the floor under construction.

Our Ratings:

William Lee - 7

Lisa - 8

JT - 7

Cowtown Drive-In Average 7.3/10

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