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  • William Lee Martin

Episode 18: Halloween Trivia Battle, Rangers to World Series, And the Movie: The Exorcist: Believer!

Happy Halloween Week! Come get spooky with the team as they host this weeks show! The team talks about the major dime heist, the rangers heading to the world series. And play along as the team does a live trivia contest between Bill and Lisa. Who will win?

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • Ellen Burstyn stated in an interview shortly before filming began that she accepted the offer to return solely for the money, which she donated to her charity.

  • Linda Blair, Regan in the original 1973 film, was an advisor on set to the actresses portraying the possessed girls in this film.

  • Blumhouse spent $400 million to secure the filming rights, and on top of that had to guarantee a trilogy. Even if Believer bombs at the box office, the next two films still have to be made.

While not much has been released about the behind the scenes of the making of this movie, the original 1973 film has some spooky behind the scenes insights:

  • Many people on the original set believed it to be haunted, and a priest had to be asked to bless it after it caught on fire. The fire delayed production for six weeks, however the only room that wasn’t burnt from the fire was Regan’s demonic bedroom.

  • There were many people passing out, leaving, or vomiting due to the film being too much to handle. Some theatres even started offering out barf bags!

  • Since some viewers thought the film was a glorification to Satan, young Linda Blair had to have bodyguards with her at all times for six months after the release of the movie.

  • The movie was based on William Peter Blatty’s book titled The Exorcist, which was inspired by the story of a teenager with the named Roland Doe. It’s said that the devil’s face apparently appeared on the boy’s leg before the voice of Saint Michael came out of the boy’s mouth telling Satan to leave the boy’s body.

  • The spider walk scene down the stairs was originally cut from the movie due to wires holding Regan, however the help of later CGI allowed for scene to be restored.

  • One woman passed out while watching the movie, resulting in her falling and breaking her jaw. She ended up suing Warner Brothers for it.

Our Ratings:

William Lee - 5

Lisa - 5

JT - 5

Cowtown Drive-In Average -5/10

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