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  • William Lee Martin

Episode 5: Pulp Fiction (1994) - Christopher Walken Impressions, and How Many F-Bombs In The Movie!

Updated: Sep 22

A look at the Quentin Tarantino film that made John Travolta a star again.

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • The iconic scene where Vincent (John Travolta) plunges a needle into the chest of Mia (Uma Thurman) and revives her was actually filmed backwards, with Travolta pulling the needle out of her.

  • Honey Bunny was named after an actual bunny that belonged to Linda Chen, who typed up Tarantino's handwritten script. Instead of payment she had asked Tarantino to watch her bunny, but he didn't do it and the rabbit died.

  • The film contains 265 f-bombs!

  • It cost about $8.5 million to make, 5 million going to the actors' salaries! It made back all of it's costs in the first week at the box office with a whooping $9.3 million the first weekend of release.

  • Mia Wallace was almost played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Jennifer Aniston, but their tight filming schedules on Seinfeld and Friends meant they couldn't accept the role. Michelle Pfeiffer was also in the running for the role as well as Catherine Deneuve.

  • Matt Dillon was supposed to play Butch, but the actor said he would need some time to think about taking the role, so the role was adjusted to Bruce Willis and given to him instead.

  • Samuel L. Jackson's reading of what is supposedly Ezekiel 25:17 was actually rewritten by Tarantino for his own means. Only the last line about the Lord laying vengeance is true to scripture.

  • Vincent Vega's 1964 Chevelle Malibu was stolen after the shoot. It wasn't found for nearly two decades, when two cops happened to run into a pair of kids with an older car. After running the Vehicle ID Number, they found it to be Tarantino's long stolen car!

Our Ratings:

William Lee - 5/10

Lisa - 4/10

JT - 5/10

Audie- 2/10

Cowtown Drive-In Average - 4/10

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