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Episode 7: Risky Business (1983) - High School Parties, The Lottery, and Hometown Bar Burns Down!

Updated: Sep 22

Which was your favorite scene?

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Fun Facts About the Movie:
  • The original working title was “White Boys Off The Lake” because it was partly filmed along Lake Michigan, but the studio likely rejected it “because it sounded like an off-Broadway play” according to director Paul Brickman

  • Cruise made the decision to lose 14 pounds in 5 weeks by jogging outside in Florida (yikes) and strict dieting. When he reached his weight goal, he stopped all of that so he could put on a layer of fat to look unathletic for his character

  • Cruise thinks that the film is about “today’s capitalistic society”…

  • Other actors up for the role as Joel include Nicholas Cage, Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, John Cusack, and Tom Hanks

  • The script originally said that Cruise would just “dance around the house to rock music,” however the actor improvised the iconic scene of dancing around the house with a candlestick holder for a microphone!

  • The movie caused sales of Ray-Ban Wayfarers to increase by 2000%

  • It was over 100 degrees that summer, but filmmakers required the extras to still wear sweaters

Our Ratings:

William Lee - 8

Lisa - 5

JT - 7

Cowtown Drive-In Average - 6.66

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