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From the mind of Comedian, Songwriter, Writer, and avid movie fanatic

William Lee Martin: 

"Growing up, my mother would take me and my siblings down to the Cowtown Drive-In Movie Theatre, so it only made sense for me to continue the tradition with others. On this podcast we discuss movies, how they relate to our lives, our thoughts and ratings on them, and so much more! I hope to share the passion I grew up having for movies and open discussion for how they can truly relate to our lives. Like, share, and subscribe to us on YouTube and Spreaker to receive a notification every time we post!" 

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The Cowtown Drive-In Team


William Lee Martin

Comedian, Songwriter, Writer, Producer, and grew up going to the drive-in movies and is a movie nut!

Lisa Bruce Photograph

Lisa Bruce

William Lee's Tour Manager and she will be watching most of the movies for the first time!


JT Seale

William Lee's Road/Production Manager who thinks Jurassic Park is an old movie.

Audie Grace Martin Headshot

Audie Martin

Intern that loves the movies, yet she's never seen the Beverly Hillbillies.

Iconic Quotes

"There's no place like home..."

- The Wizard of Oz (Episode 3)

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